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Mediocre is an outfit of creative problem-solvers working together in central Kentucky. We ease branding and marketing headaches. Our partners are people like us: passionate, original, outspoken, and a little overzealous.


Broomwagon Website

A new website and online bicycle-shopping experience blossomed into a huge boon for Broomwagon, one of our closest community partners.
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Ravenswood Physicians Associates

We gave RPA's website an aesthetic polish and optimized their search engine so that their users can find the best doctor for their specific needs.
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We balanced AVAIL's robust platform with a clean, light, and sophisticated design in hopes of showing clients that they don't have to sacrifice ease of use for even their most heavy-duty projects.
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Wild Roots

We worked to capture Wild Roots' commitment to using local, sustainable resources to create awesome designs and arrangements.
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ProBank Austin Web App

Our team distilled a heavy content load into a practical interface in hopes of untangling the complicated world of compliance for ProBank's clients.
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Dispatch Game Co.

We aligned our designs to parent company Breakout's vision and identity, but by giving Dispatch its own set of typefaces and icon designs, we gave them an individual voice for their unique gaming experience.
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Breakout Website

We made sure Breakout's website was fast, reliable, and robust enough to handle everything that comes their way.
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Seven Seas

We helped Seven Seas show off the calm and spacious vibes of their secluded retreat property through their visual identity.
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Greyline Station & Market

From their name to visual identity, we helped Greyline Station & Market get off the ground with brand design.
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Dana Rogers Photo

We helped Dana reflect her heartfelt, out-of-the-box work through a new visual identity and beating heart logo.
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"There's no one we trust more to execute on projects quickly and efficiently. Their creative talent is exceptional and they treat each of our projects as one of their own. If you are looking for a team to help with design, branding, print or web development, you won't find anyone better."
Jeremiah Sizemore | Breakout / Dispatch
"So grateful to Mediocre Creative for not only creating a logo but truly helping me to brand my new business. Working with them was effortless, enjoyable, and their creativity has helped me stand out in my field."
Alexis Sheffield | Wild Roots
"I've worked with Mediocre Creative for years. They have always exceeded my expectations and have delivered each project on-time, every time. Their team has a very unique and robust set of talents which has translated well for our company's needs. Mediocre Creative is the type of business partner you can trust!"
Jeff Milner | eRAMx
"Mediocre Creative completely revitalized our brand's image and messaging, enabling us to stand out in a crowded restaurant landscape. Their ability to execute on creative ideas down to the last detail sets them apart from other design firms. They care about our success as much as we do and I can't imagine entrusting our brand to anyone else."
Susannah Sizemore | Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen
"We've worked together to create many high impact designs that are given to thousands of participants each year. The team is highly responsive, smart, detail-oriented, self-driven and flexible, and I'll continue to work with them for high stakes events."
Rachel Wilson | UK HealthCare


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