Here's the story.

We’re an outfit of problem-solvers working together in central Kentucky. We create and elevate brands by defining identity, web & screen design, and all the weird projects in between. Our partners are people like us: passionate, original, outspoken, and a little overzealous.

Aleah Rouse

Aleah loves meeting new people and diving deep into their brands. She’s a mom of three (all under the age of four, yikes) and is a detail-a-phobe. Aleah has experience with local, regional, and national clients in a wide range of industries including consumer packaged goods, healthcare, real estate, technology and more. You’ll find her rocking out to the Talking Heads, designing oversized earrings, and gluing Halloween costumes together in her spare time.
Focus: Strategy, Accounts, Business Development

Shawn Saylor

Shawn’s an avid member of the Lexington creative community. He likes clean lines and bright colors. He's often distracted by conversations about music and bizarre imagery. His anecdote: we could probably fit all this lumber in the car. It'll sag a little and the guys at Home Depot may laugh, but we're not making two trips.
Focus: Identity, Messaging, Creative, UI, Accounts

Ernest Phillips

Fueled by Ale-8, talk radio and a deep familiarity with the hills of Kentucky, Ernest has worked all over and has the ethic to prove it. He's been knocking out projects and meeting deadlines since the beginning. When he's not at the computer, then we're probably out in the parking lot fixing something.
Focus: Identity, Creative, Design, UI, Digital, Print, Messaging, Accounts

Brittany Durham

Brittany is a bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew DIYer. Christian, wife, newbie mom, and a strong believer in the Oxford comma. Hobbies include pretending to eat healthy, daydreaming about sleeping through the night, and wishing she was British (tea > coffee. Also…oxford comma).
Focus: Design, Illustration, Identity, Creative, UI, Digital, Print

Bronson O'Quinn

You’re trapped inside a company’s staff bio. The name and picture don’t belong to you. You try to escape, but bump the invisible bounding boxes of the website’s code. Your only hope is that, in this short paragraph, you find someone who knows enough web development to get you out OR who’s read enough fourth-wall-breaking prose to guess the ending. You read the name again and wonder if he fits either or both of those qualifications. Spoiler alert: he does.
Focus: Development, UI, SEO & Analytics

Ethan Wooldridge

In a humdrum town in the South, Ethan filled the void of his dull hometown environment with horror movies, drawing comics, and moody 80’s albums from the UK. Illustration, gig posters, and comic book covers were the gateway into the design world. Building his chops with traditional painting and drawing, he spends his time creating gallery work and putting stylus-to-tablet for our clients. Outside the office, he’s with his canine companion or watching Suspiria again.
Focus: Design, Illustration, Identity, Creative, UI, Digital, Print

Huu Nguyen

Huu is a man of action before anything else. He's worked in a myriad of frameworks and is always ready to take on a new challenge; a new start-up, expanding website capabilities or helping his aunt with her Google account. Huu has a passion for martial arts and uses the wisdom and discipline he’s gained from it in just about everything he does.
Focus: Development, UI, Systems Architecture

Leslie Doyle

Leslie is an artist, mom, and our super awesome project manager/account executive who lives in New Albany, Indiana. Leslie is an artist at heart who loves organization, baking cupcakes, and photography. She started out teaching her passions to others and ended up sharing her skills by joining the Mediocre team. If you need something, she'll make it happen.
Focus: Accounts, Operations, Messaging

Teagan Miller

A native of Los Angeles, Teagan is a big weirdo who moved to Lexington on a whim and found that it was filled with cool people that she wanted to stay and hang out with. She nerds out over self-help literature, Tarot cards, and cats. Also she is secretly trying to convert all her friends to veganism.
Focus: Operations, Messaging