Here's the story.

We help brands by defining identity, web & screen design, and all the weird projects in between. We define clear financial, awareness, and growth goals. We prioritize autonomy in the workplace. We try to make a positive impact in the communities where we live and work. We want to have fun and be nice to each other.

We exist to bring out the best in your brand. We’re more than technicians. We’re in your corner for the entire process, and we focus on clients looking for lasting partnerships.

Our company has existed as an umbrella for client work since 2008, and grew into a full-time agency by 2014.

Bronson O'Quinn

You're trapped inside a company's staff bio. The name and picture don't belong to you. You try to escape, but bump the invisible bounding boxes of the website's code. Your only hope is that, in this short paragraph, you find someone who knows enough web development to get you out OR who's read enough fourth-wall-breaking prose to guess the ending. You read the name again and wonder if he fits either or both of those qualifications. Spoiler alert: he does.
Focus: Development, UI, SEO & Analytics

Caleb Costelle

Growing up on Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, Caleb carries with him a sense of adventure and optimism in everything he does. With eight years of professional graphic design experience, he has honed his skills to fight the enemies of visual communication. Muddled layouts, off-brand colors and poorly kerned letters are his foes, his coworkers are his fellowship, and coffee is what boosts him in his time of need. His goal: to help create a better-designed world.
Focus: Design, Illustration, Identity, Creative, UI, Digital, Print

Dana Rogers

Passionate about a dog, 3 cats, 13 chickens, a garden, and one really cool guy; Dana is typically found in work clothes. Sipping cold brew on a silent morning at home, she is often obsessing over some old world craft she thinks she doesn't have the time for, such as broom making, woodworking, fermentation, canning, sewing, knitting, etc. While overly chatty or not communicative enough, she appreciates pausing like oil-painted, impressions and seeking out rainbows.
Focus: Photography, Image Strategy

Elizabeth Hall

A pious devotee of life's simple pleasures. Adept at releasing wayward lizards back outside. Skilled at convincing little houseplants to grow. A specialist in sipping and savoring. She's a 20-something childless grandma who designs and lifts weights. With careful, rigorous practice, you too can learn how to forget what you're doing and doze off in a sunbeam.
Focus: Design, Identity, UI, Digital, Packaging, Animation

Haley Barlow

Haley's lived in Lexington her entire life. That doesn't mean she's stationary. Day trip? Unexpected adventure? She's in. She's nursing an addiction to eating out and has strong opinions of every restaurant she's ever tried. You ask her favorite musician? She gives a new answer each day. Find her at the closest thrift store, with a handful of trinkets and moss-colored marvels.
Focus: Production, Project Management, Logistics

Paris Triantafilou

Paris Triantafilou is a crime of the heart. She is a jack-o'lantern carved to look like your worst nightmare: a spider. She is the bruise on your shin that you don't remember getting. She is a lizard and a parrot; unlikely friends. She is glow-in-the-dark mini golf. She is a bowl of spaghetti sitting on the forest floor: possible bigfoot trap? She is an enigma inside of a goblin inside of a mummy's tomb. Paris Triantafilou does not exist.
Focus: Design, Creative, Motion, Digital, Print

Sarah Brown

Sticky from climbing in the summer heat, Sarah faced two tasks: leap a hold just out of reach, and stifle a scream now that the spider had firmly positioned itself on the bridge of her nose. She held on one-handed, composed herself, and completed the route. The spider made it too.
Focus: Strategy, Research, Messaging, Accounts

Shawn Saylor

Shawn's an avid member of the Lexington creative community. He likes clean lines and bright colors. He's often distracted by conversations about music and bizarre imagery. His anecdote: we could probably fit all this lumber in the car. It'll sag a little and the guys at Home Depot may laugh, but we're not making two trips.
Focus: Identity, Messaging, Creative, UI, Accounts

Stevie Morrison

12-year-old Muggins only barks at one thing—cows. Stevie heard the bark and looked up from her laptop, only to find that a herd of the beasts was swiftly making its way down the canyon, across the creek and into her campsite. She got Muggins in the door just in time to watch the herd part and surge past the Airstream like a sea of fish. Miraculously, the Starlink survived. No Zoom meetings were cancelled.
Focus: Identity, Strategy, Campaign Design, Messaging

Teagan Miller

A native of Los Angeles, Teagan moved to Lexington on a whim and found that it was filled with cool people that she wanted to stay and hang out with. Her free time is filled with self-help literature, Tarot cards, yoga and drumming. She is secretly trying to convert all her friends to veganism.
Focus: Operations, Messaging

We're in Your Corner.

We believe in a highly collaborative approach. We’ll guide the process, working with decision-makers from your team—we’re not just technicians.

We focus on what makes you unique in your market; what gives you purpose; what advantages you bring to your customers, and we hope to serve as a lasting partner for your business. We post up in your corner, and your goals are our goals.

Share your thoughts and concerns freely. Being team players goes across the board.

We work with around 40 clients annually.