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Keeping a Clean, Consistent Brand

We see the inner workings of businesses big and small, each with their own unique business problems. But there's something that they all have in common: a brand.
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Donating to Causes | June 2023

We support food insecurity prevention, combating sexual violence, community enrichment, and youth safety & leadership initiatives.
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2022 Impact Report

We’re passionate about walking our talk. Impact reporting helps us maintain accountability and transparency, and share ideas with others.
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Donating to Causes | March 2023

We support trans health advocacy, gun safety, reproductive rights, domestic partner violence prevention, mental health support, and the arts.
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Donating to Causes | October 2022

Over the past few months, we shared our support in the areas of reproductive rights, immigrant worker justice, and Kentucky flood relief.
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B Corporation Certification

B Corporations are companies verified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.
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Buying an Office

On the topic of outgrowing what you have, forging a path forward, and finding a way to make big moves without getting ahead of yourself.
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Donating to Causes | June 2022

In lieu of more direct donations, we ramped up our volunteering/pro-bono efforts this year. Now, we’re experimenting with our approach.
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What does it mean to “Optimize” a website?

What does it mean to "optimize" a website? We keep optimization at the front of our minds when planning, designing, and developing a site.
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Working From Home

We asked our team to reflect on working from home, to consider the benefits, surprises, and potential obstacles we can still improve on.
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Volunteering & Community Service

How can we empower our team members to volunteer when they spend their daylight hours hard at work here? We took a crack at it.
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Checking in: Fall 2021

In 2021, the Mediocre team has continued with our equity efforts, grown our team, & participated in projects. We’re excited for 2022.
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