Broomwagon Website: Equipping the Community

Broomwagon is a local bike retailer and eatery based in our neck of the woods. They source, sell, and repair all types of bicycles, equipment, and bike upgrades to the city of Lexington, while also providing a meeting place and hangout for both the neighborhood and cycling communities.

They needed updates to their online storefront - a platform that they could quickly and easily add large amounts of inventory to, and a website that gave equal emphasis to their different but integrated roles in our community - a bike repair shop, and a café.


We refurbished their existing website to incorporate an approachable and attractive surface with an intuitive back-end that Broomwagon staff could easily update without losing time manually typing data. The automated system we developed scrapes data from vendors' websites and plugs those details into Broomwagon's database, all with the vendors' permission. In working with our neighbor and client, we helped them nearly triple their bike sales with a shiny new website.

Literally up the street from us, we're proud to call Broomwagon our neighbor, along with Lexington staples Minton's cafe, North Lime Coffee & Donuts, and all the local vendors housed in Greyline Station. True biking enthusiasts, the Broomwagon crew also helped us a ton with becoming a certified Bike Friendly Business (read more here).

Pictures Do the Talking

With a brand new website at their disposal, the client needed content to populate it with. We arranged for a professional photoshoot, during which we handled the styling, atmosphere, and production to ensure that Broomwagon had a wide selection of crisp imagery to show off their cyclist-haven culture.