Adapting, reusing, & creating spaces

GreyLine’s 65,000 square foot building has a storied history. For nearly 100 years, the building was home to bus & transit companies, and was deemed historically significant in 2011. With an emphasis on adaptive reuse, GreyLine’s mission is to bring commerce and community spaces to Lexington’s North End.

They needed an identity that spoke to this purpose. We aimed to create the image of a culturally-rich market square, a hub for local activity, inspired by it’s title as a historic former Greyhound transit station.

Conserving a History

Allowing a rich past to shine through was the central goal of renaming the revitalized property. The concept that we landed on, “GreyLine Station & Market” absorbs that past, binding together ideas of a communal area and shared space, a place to buy goods and services, and the original intent of the former bus station as a transitory hub for commuters and travelers. Below, you can see some of the original concepts for naming that reached varying points of development. "NorthYard" went pretty far into development before we switched over to "GreyLine."