Adapting, reusing, & creating spaces

Greyline Station & Market is an ambitious, adaptive reuse project that aims to transform a long-vacant 65,000 square foot bus and transit station into a versatile and diverse marketplace and community hub. When GreyLine came to us, they didn't have a name or a visual identity for this project: only the idea.

We developed a brand for our neighbors that feels as industrial and storied as the building itself. We developed a website to make the space actionable and welcoming as we watch the project slowly come to fruition--more or less from our front door.

Making it Real

The website needed to communicate their purpose visually. We underlined that GreyLine is a culturally-rich market square, a hub for local activity, always bearing in mind the historic former transit station.

Conserving a History

In naming GreyLine Station & Market, we wanted to allow the rich past of the location to shine through. The concept we landed on binds together ideas of commerce and community, and the history of the building as a Greyhound bus station. Below, you can see some original concepts for naming that reached varying points of development.