Breakout Website: Escape Ordinary

Breakout is a leading escape game company that goes all out for their in-person room experiences. They're a company that doesn't cut corners, and it's their attention to detail that sets them apart as the leader in escape rooms.

We collaborated with Breakout during the brand design phase, and then brought that fresh branding to life on their website.

Emblematic Intrigue

For the website's aesthetic, we mirrored their exciting brand identity in order to make their website feel indicative of the Breakout experience and reflect the intrigue of gameplay. Its design is clean and simple, with our brand icons serving as markers of site navigation and content theme.

Streamlined for Quick Bookings

We streamlined Breakout's site for SEO in order to make managing the site on the backend a breeze for administrators, and so that the site can accommodate whatever changes need to be made in their future.

Breakout's business is ever-growing, and they handle a large amount of daily bookings from a broad range of locations. The owners are also dedicated to several other large-scale projects, including Dispatch, Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen, and Activate Games. We made sure their website was fast, reliable, and robust enough to handle everything that comes their way.