AG Design Identity Illustration


Anna Gregory, a local woodworker and sculptor, specializes in precision, clean lines, and a regard for the natural grain and strength of the wood she handles. She uses a modern approach to accentuate the natural beauty in raw materials to introduce a fresh perspective. We wanted to do the same for her brand.

AG Design needed a visual identity that bolstered the ideas the artist expresses through her work. We provided a rustic, yet enigmatic set of visuals that could be adapted for a variety of uses—small animated icons, enamel pins, cloth banners, the works. We embraced AG’s “woodmancer” attitude, while complimenting the modernist aesthetic of her work.

logo image 1 800x800 1

logo image 2 800x800 1

logo image 3 800x800 1

Real World Effects

In collaborating with AG Design, we helped build towards a cohesive direction for her company, and the client has experienced an influx of new customers drawn to the branding icons, which has been a new source of connection with her customers.

As luck wood have it image

not out of the woods yet image

coming out of the woodwork image

woodwork art

ag animations

AG design logo on black