Simple & Fresh

From the start, it was clear to us that the heart of Vinaigrette’s identity was in their values: simple, local, community-driven, fun and friendly while still impeccably professional. We saw that the owners (some of our favorite people/clients in the world) were dedicated to creating meaningful services and products, and we wanted that to come through in the visual identity. This led us toward a simple, stripped-down aesthetic complemented by modern and progressive elements.

Vinaigrette’s initial wordmark was created with a typeface. As we polished up their brand, we went back and cleaned up the linework.

Secondary Strength

To let the brand’s voice speak loud and clear, we prioritized making the audience's experience friendly and positive, without being overfamiliar or annoying. We came up with a series of playful watercolor illustrations to create a sense of character and approachability (not to mention appetite).

A Fresh Look

With a wide variety of applications—from ink stamps and T-shirts to large-scale signage—we wanted to make sure the “simple & fresh” system was recognizable and adaptable no matter what the medium. So we created a variety of iterations, from an elegant word mark and simple leaf icon to bold background options and clean, flowing scripts.

Clean & Bright

We wanted the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurants to translate into the brand. Keeping the designs clean and bright supported this vision while leaving plenty of room for the fresh ingredients to speak for themselves.