A Picture of Island Ease

When we were offered the chance to create the visual identity for this (seriously incredible) retreat property on a secluded island, we didn't hesitate. We wanted to show off the destination’s features and create “a picture of island ease.” Simple and straightforward, this was one of our favorite smaller projects to work on.

Fresh & Carefree

We zeroed in on a distinctive feature of the property, a cabin set on top of the building. This became the logo inspiration, which we paired with a minimal type to create a smart, bookish, rustic look. Easter egg: the two lines flanking the location are tapered, based on the columns on the front of the house.

For the website, we kept the emphasis on photography and a minimal type, in order to create a sense of luxury and the expectation of relaxation. A good bit of open space in the design allowed the property’s information room to breathe.