Dana Rogers Photo: Capturing Love with Film

Dana Rogers Photo is a one-woman operation with a passion for lifestyle photography. She uses film to capture honest moments and reveal her subject's individuality. Dana wants to capture the beating heart of her clients, whether they're showing off their passion, or marrying their best friend.

Following this line of thinking, we developed a visual identity that is bold but sweet, and compliments Dana's personal style. The focal point of the design is the beating heart icon we created to mark the Dana Rogers Photo brand. We chose an anatomical heart rather than a heart shape to emphasize Dana's interest in the real, deep-down aspects of her clients.

A Camera for a Third Hand

The goal was to communicate to Dana's potential clients what she looks for in a shoot, and what sets her apart in the businessâ€"that she goes beyond the surface of her clients in her photography.

Visually realizing Dana's professional personality with design not only gives her website some zing, but also allows her to brand with the heart icon, which is easily recognizable through her merch.