Dispatch Packaging: Mail Order Mystery

Dispatch is a monthly mail subscription that brings the excitement of escape rooms into customers' homes. It was the brainchild of Breakout Games, one of our all-time favorite clients, so we were excited to get to be a collaborative design partner in creating this new series.

Series 1: On the Run

The Brief: Once you open your delivery, you'll find yourself entangled in the strange disappearance of your closest childhood friend, who also happens to be suspected of killing his wife, an illustrious heiress. With the aid of physical clues and details embedded online, you'll follow each new thread of romance, murder, and scandal to deduce what is fact and what is fiction in this new experience from the creators of Breakout escape rooms.

Series length: 7 boxes.

Series 2: The Cat's Eye

The Brief: An eccentric tech giant by the name of Jacob Marlow has recently disappeared from the spotlight. Now, he has made a startling announcement to give away part of his wealth to the lucky treasure hunter who can find it. With a fortune in jewels to be won, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by playing along.

Series length: 2 boxes.

Series 3: I, Spy

The Brief: By some twist of fate, you have been mistaken for a top secret agent known as Wolf. You've been sent an assignment to stop the assassin known as The Raven from acquiring and using a nuclear device. With the help of a mysterious friend, you have no choice but to track down The Raven and use spy craft to ultimately sabotage the nuclear threat. Do you have what it takes?

Series length: 5 boxes.

Series 4: The Disappearing Magician

The Brief: The legendary magician Lazarus has disappeared without a trace. You're an ambitious young magician yourself, and in hopes of becoming Lazarus's apprentice, you've performed a sequence of tricks and obtained his journal. You'll need to study the contents carefully, as it could lead you to the disappearing magician's whereabouts. Are you the magic heir Lazarus has been searching for? Will you be able to unlock the mystery and discover his secrets?

We had fun gathering inspiration for this series from a variety of retro designs, including vintage magician show posters, like these (especially magician Harry Kellar).

Series length: 4 boxes.