Breakout Games: Brand & Identity

Breakout's brand is one of a leading escape game company that goes all out for their in-person room experiences. They focus on production design to improve gameplay and sell their experience. As a company that doesn't cut corners, it's their attention to detail that sets them apart as the leader in escape rooms.

This passion and commitment has translated to success in other projects by Breakout's owners, including Activate Games, Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen, and Dispatch.


Their brand identity was initially brought to life by Matchstic. After they set the tone, we stepped in to expand the immersive experience of Breakout's escape rooms through promotional material and room design. (We also built their website, an entirely different rodeo.)

The escape room enterprise gave our team an endless array of problems to solve, but one of their main tasks for us was to focus on the details in the production design that give the illusion of authenticity. Because of this, players are more captivated when playing the game.


Breakout has a number of different themes for their room experiences which resemble different narratives or puzzles. To suit each, we designed collateral on multiple themed experiences, differentiating between the story premise in each room. We chose fonts and color schemes for various artifacts like a series of clues left by a missing agent or a digital display for a submarine.

Our goal in helping Breakout's visual identity was always to reinforce their reputation as the most engaging escape room experience - one that not only serves as group entertainment, but also encourages players to problem solve and work as a team.