Gourmet Pops

Nectar is a fun, original and organic brand, and we knew the graphics needed to reflect that. We had to make something as eye-catching and mouthwatering as the pops themselves, with their striking variety of colors and (super yummy) flavors, while incorporating the company’s zest for better ingredients and customer connection.

Focusing on the pop

We wanted to keep the hues somewhat pastel, but still impactful and bright. We went with a varied color palette inspired by the popsicle flavors, and used watercolors to convey a lighthearted simplicity with room for “pops” of color. We created the pop icon family and repeating pop pattern to use as fun graphical elements, textures, and splashes of color on an otherwise clean layout.

Fresh and Friendly

The Nectar brand is all about “the celebration of a joyful life.” Our overall goal for this project was to let that cheerful, friendly, connective spirit shine and be instantly accessible to audiences. We had fun working on the project, and we think it shows.