Probank Austin Web App: Trusted Advisors

ProBank Advisor is a compliance advisory service by ProBank Austin that hosts a myriad of services, like online forums, manuals, policy reviews, and Q&As. The app connects users with experts in compliance to answer questions about lending, deposits, risk management, and other related subjects.

Because ProBank does so much for their clients, our team had a large-scale project on our hands - we were tasked with building their app from scratch. The finished product is a robust system packed with hundreds of features and functionality needs, which ultimately provide a cohesive and easy-to-use interface that aids users in finding the help and information they need.

From the Ground Up

Starting completely from scratch, we needed to make sure the large amount of content we were responsible for delivering would be consistent and understandable for ProBank's customers. We chose a platform we knew would be robust enough to support a project of this scale, and then we focused on wireframes to lay out the architecture of the site. We developed a consistent, easy-to-navigate design interface and applied it consistently across page designs.

After developing ProBank's tools and secondary pages, we made sure the web app translated comprehensively to mobile. More than ever, these tools need to be accessible for on-the-go users.

Heavy Content, Convenient Format

Our goal in working with ProBank Austin was to make the app a breeze to navigate and understand for both users and administrators, creating an experience that would position ProBank as an expert in compliance advising.

Our team distilled a heavy content load into a practical interface in hopes of untangling the complicated world of compliance for ProBank's clients.