Virginia Spirits Trail: A Non-Profit With Good Taste

Virginia Spirits Trail is a non-profit that provides economic growth and educational opportunities for the Virginia spirits industry. They provide resources for distillers across Virginia, promoting distillery tours and a wide range of Virginia spirits. Virginia Spirits Trail came to us with a basic set of brand assets, but their web presence lacked a strong identity or cohesive system. Our task was to declutter their content, and make their promotional platform a breeze to use.

Distilling Content

We started by making sure the website would be easy to find and navigate. Virginia Spirits Trail offers a huge amount of features for Virginia tourists as well as resources for their distillers. So we consolidated that content through wire framing. From there we began to dive into the aesthetics of what would ultimately be the final site. The client wanted to embody the rolling hills of Virginia, the woodgrain of a bourbon barrel, the patina of copper stillâ€"balancing sophistication and grit.

For Lovers of Local Spirits

A primary feature of the site is the Trail Map, designed to help the traveling connoisseur plan their trip to visit all the unique flavors of Virginia Distilleries. We built a custom interface that provides straightforward filters and a map plugin that calculates the optimal route for the would-be-tourist. Tourists can also take a look at the upcoming Roadshow tour schedule for an opportunity to sample a wide array of Virginia Distillery offerings, and then hop to the cocktail recipe directory to learn new ways to enjoy their favorite spirits.

Community Ties

In working with Virginia Spirits Trail, we created a website robust enough to support all their content needs. We also maintained a ruggedly sophisticated experience that matched the natural beauty of Virginia.

We felt right at home working with this non-profit that works to strengthen their community through good taste. It was rewarding getting to know some of the distilleries integral to building the site, including Virginia Distillery Co., Virago Spirits, and Ironclad Distillery.