University of Kentucky College of Design: Website UI Design & Development

We teamed up with our friends at BORN to build a website for UK CoD (University of Kentucky College of Design). The university brings a lot of new people and creative talent to our community, so when BORN asked us to join them, we felt right at home with that cause.

Practical & Functional

After BORN wrapped up UK CoD's brand design (in light of the University of Kentucky rebranding as a whole), we worked alongside them to use the logo, fonts, and conventions they'd set out to create a site that stayed true to the atmosphere they'd envisioned.

UK CoD needed a website that was completely custom, so we created a system that was fresh and inventive, while being just as user-friendly and safe as conventional designs (check out other custom site designs on our web & screen Case Studies page). Because of the large amount of stakeholders in the project, we did our best to streamline the process and nail down the details quickly, which saved our client money in the end.

Local Learning, Global Success

The centerpiece of the UK CoD website design (on launch) was the "Power of Place" Interactive Map, outlining all the areas around the world UK CoD alumni and affiliates continue to create work beyond the borders of Lexington, Kentucky, and the United States. It was important to show the large volume of success their affiliates have had in different areas of design, and to show prospective and current students that they're in good company.

Calling All Creatives

Working on UK CoD's website design gave us the opportunity to create content for designers and collaborate with other local creatives with the common goal of bringing more talent to our community. Being a part of something beneficial for the community as well as the client is always a proud outcome for our team.