Taco Tico: A Local Fast Food Staple

Your friendly neighborhood taco joint is back. Taco Tico has been doling out grab and go Mexican staples since the 60's. Despite a few management changes, Taco Tico has maintained its reputation as one of North Lexington's essential fast food spots, but in recent years, their branding was left at somewhat of a standstill.

A Local Fast Food Staple

Our team took a fresh, clean take on midcentury American eatery logos, mascots, and typography to create an updated look that emits a nostalgic vibe, but also adheres to Taco Tico's standards of quality: dedication to consistent ingredients, fun atmosphere, and attention to detail. We wanted to create a look for them that brings their patrons back to the restaurant's glory days, but also feels as fresh as their food.

A Playful Branding Approach

The bright, playful mascots we created served as our foundation that supported the overall approach to encapsulating the fun, nostalgic atmosphere and underpinned the larger items like wordmark and various collateral like stickers, patterned paper, and menus.

The mascots and other iconography venture back to an era that incorporated more play in branding - something you might expect to find at an old burger stand or diner.

We worked with Austin Hoheimer on copywriting and language work, across all elements of Taco Tico's new brand.

One-Of-A-Kind Inside and Outside the Bag

This classic branding sets Taco Tico apart from other fast food and Tex-Mex dives by plunging headfirst into the aesthetic of a bygone era. Customers see not only that Taco Tico is the best option for a unique casual dining experience, but that they also deliver something memorable outside and inside the bag.