Kentucky Bourbon Website UX Design and Development

The Kentucky Bourbon site design was a collaborative effort between our team and Onefold Creative. Kentucky Bourbon is the top resource for Bourbon industry information, providing news, events, industry information, and all the stories and history that comes from the bourbon tradition of the bluegrass.

Onefold had previously tackled crafting an updated brand for Kentucky Bourbon, and its joint organization, the Kentucky Distillers' Association, but their website needed this new identity applied. The overall structure needed to be revamped in order to provide a seamless experience for tourists and industry members alike.

Mapping It Out

One of the primary issues that Kentucky Bourbon needed help with was implementing a user-friendly, interactive map of all of participating distilleries in Kentucky that could be easily updated. This is where our development and custom coding knowledge came into play. The result is an intuitive guide to help bourbon enthusiasts plan trips to support Kentucky distilleries.

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Critical Structure

While the majority of the visual design was handled largely by Onefold, we developed the structure that was crucial to the user experience. In order to educate and inform both primary markets - consumers and members of the bourbon industry - we provided two clearly defined sections of the site.

The Enthusiast side of the website drives bourbon tourism in Kentucky by educating visitors about the industry and bourbon distilling process, as well as providing trip-planning resources.

The Industry side of the website provides members of the bourbon industry with relevant news, access to KDA resources, and opportunities to participate in initiatives for positive change in the industry.

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Consistent Design System

The site experience would need to be able to provide large amounts of content to both users, both with unique site experiences, yet still feel streamlined and not overwhelm either user group. This necessitated an expansive but clear site map, meticulously organized. In addition to our UX work, we assisted in creating illustrative assets, used on both the website and their accompanying Kentucky Bourbon Field Guide.

Because of the expansive size of Kentucky Bourbon's site, creating a consistent design system for development was paramount. We provided consulting on Onefold's high-fidelity designs to streamline development, and after approval our team handled the development phases.