Heller Built: Built by Design

To be clear, Heller Built team is a very experienced group, and the "Heller" last name has existing equity. However, when we first began work together, the builders' brand was not yet established.

This clean slate was an opportunity to create distance from the competition by elevating the Heller Built brand visually and verbally. Most importantly, we needed to demonstrate that others in the industry do some of what Heller Built does, but no competitor does all of it.

In addition to the design of the visual and verbal identity, we assisted in creating print collateral and designing/developing their all-new website experience, poised to attract would-be customers. As a result, visitors would be informed that Heller Built provides a one-of-a-kind custom home building experience.

Build Something Unforgettable

The Heller Built brand needed to reflect their transparency and dedication to their craft. Above all, their brand is intentionally concise and stylish, avoiding unnecessary flourishes and details. That is, it's elegant and refined nature doesn't sacrifice congeniality; instead it mirrors Heller Built's dedication to both it's design-driven build-outs and their loyal dedication to their customers.

This is Monumental

It can be easy to come off as stuffy or vague when discussing something as intricate as a custom home project. To avoid this pitfall, we zeroed in on their verbal identity. Likewise, to help them maintain consistency in any future collateral, the verbal identity gives them key touchpoints to aid in writing any on-brand messaging.

Heller Built's process is paramount to them, so we helped distill it down to its clearest language. Their process is their deliverable, and the experience of working with Heller Built is their premium offering. Clearly defined language that describes their process is the cornerstone of their brand. Therefore, the language for their design + build process spell outs for their clients what sets them apart from competitors in terms of communication. In short, it's the foundation for each and every home build.

Built from the Family Tree

Heller Built needed a space to showcase their catalog of project builds and allow would-be customers to reach out to them easily, and let them learn more about their process. After the verbal identity was laid out, verbiage and content were designed to be easy-to-digest, avoiding industry jargon and focusing instead on honest, straightforward language. Their visual identity lets their work shine, providing a sleek, and sophisticated palette and layout to support their body of work.

With their Design + Build process lined out in the verbal identity, we had the core content we needed to center on the website. Therefore, the process page became the cornerstone of the Heller Built website, walking would-be clients through the steps that the Heller Built team takes with each construction or remodeling project. Consequently, users are allowed a deeper understanding of what sets the Heller Built brand apart.

process mobile 1