Earlier this year, we donated to organizations that focused on social justice and the environment, from Kentucky wildland preservation to grassroots equity efforts. One of the exciting parts about finding new organizations to support (besides the feeling of humbling awe at the good work people are doing) is following the trail of breadcrumbs that leads to even more new discoveries.

One of our Appalachia-native team members told us about The Stay Project, a youth-led group working to make their home communities more diverse and inclusive, and encouraging people to stay instead of leaving when they get old enough. Poking through their online materials, I found my way to an organization called 100 Days in Appalachia, whose collection of articles and Instagram content gives an inspiring picture of the grassroots efforts being led in our region.


Over the past few months, we attempted to maintain our focus on our back yard here in (and near to) Lexington, KY — literally up the street in several cases. We chose the following causes based on both team member suggestions and friends we’ve made in the community.

  • Box to Box Tumaini Academy – BTBTA’s mission is to provide personal growth and positive experiences through selected after school programs in an inclusive, safe, and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Page One – AdClub Lexington’s public service initiative aimed at encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion in the advertising and design industries, inspiring the next generation of creative professionals, and providing a network of resources to aid in their success.
  • Common Good – Common Good focuses on developing leaders through education, recreation, and accountability in the largely-BIPOC North Lexington community. Their Summer Program provides a safe, supervised place for students to come during the summer months when school is not in session.
  • Kentuckians for the Commonwealth – A statewide organization working towards a fair economy, a healthy environment, new safe energy, and an honest democracy.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass – BBBS makes meaningful matches between adult volunteers and children, ages 6 through 13, in communities across Central Kentucky to help develop positive mentoring relationships.
  • Believing in Forever – #CommunityOnTheCorners campaign – A family support initiative led by Lexington community leader Devine Carama. Check out this Instagram post to learn more about the resources provided to families in need.
  • See our full list of donations here.

Check out the links above. As always, if there’s a cause or organization that you’re passionate about, we’d love to hear about it.

Teagan Miller, illustration by Elizabeth Hall for Mediocre Creative

Teagan is the office manager and sustainability coordinator at Mediocre. She performs accounting tasks, coordinates project deliverables, provides admin support for operations, and directs our team’s sustainability efforts.


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