The Grims are Owner/Operators out of Amarillo, TX, operating their trailer across 48 states for the past eight years.

Wrote Melissa, “Our first experience with the Smart Truck system was when we bought Kevin Rutherford’s Signature trailer.  It came with the SmartTruck UT6+ (now called the Premier System.)  We gained 8/10s of a mile after we bought that trailer and I know we can attribute at least half of that to the UT6+ for a 5% gain.”

“The thing we love the most about the system,” said Melissa,  “is the functionality. We need to use the underside of our trailer to store equipment, and the SmartTruck design allows us to do that.  If we had skirts, that would not be possible.”

Melissa added, “The durability is impressive too.  We had a little mishap and damaged the diffuser, but with a little bit of muscle, we got it to pop back into shape. Good as new!  So, overall we could not be more pleased with all the aspects of the SmartTruck Premier System.”

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